About Us


Our company produces and manufactures organic fertilizer from VERMIHUMUS. We produce high quality vermihumus and liquid organic based fertilizers. “Raskila” is biologically active, liquid, concentrated, valuable eco fertilizer, very well suited for both traditional chemized and ecological farms. Various field tests confirmed the high quality and efficiency of our fertilizers. Currently “Raskila” is sold not only in Lithuania. It is also exported to several European countries (Latvia, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands).

For farmers, gardeners, florists, foresters and anyone else who love nature, seek to preserve clean and nice environment and to grow healthy food. For you we suggest the new efficient organic fertilizer “Raskila”.  This fertilizer is suitable for any plant species.

“RASKILA” is a valuable eco fertilizer, very well suited for both eco and intense chemized farms.

1. It gives plants food in their first development stages, induces plant growing.

2. It helps plants to absorb nutrients, micro and macro elements, vitamins, hydrocarbons. It saves consumption of other fertilizers by 50 per cent and more.

3. It improves plant’s harvest structure biochemical elements, increases the harvest.

4. It strengthens plant’s immune system. It helps protecting from diseases and pests. In chemized farms it can be used jointly at crop spraying and seed pickling saving pesticides by 50 per cent or more.

5. It protects plants from stress, cold and drought as well as water excess.

6. It speeds up plant’s preparation for winter, improves wintering.

7. It absolutely does not pollute environment, makes conditions to grow healthy food and fodder.

8. It saves money because the need in synthetic chemical fertilizers reduces even to zero.

9. It enriches soil with nutrients, speeds up plant waste mineralization, helps to restore exhausted soils.

All positive indicators of “RASKILA” fertilizers are approved with the researches performed by Aleksandras Stulginskis University and other scientific establishments.


Composition of liquid organic fertilizer RASKILA was analysed in 2011 in Lithuania, Czech Republic and Germany. In 2011 RASKILA was certified in Lithuania by EKOAGROS, VSI as eco fertilizer. Managers of DENSVA, UAB applied to Lithuanian Agricultural University’s Agroecology Centre scientists asking to examine whether these fertilizers can be used in eco agricultural system. DENSVA, UAB with Lithuanian Agricultural University (since 16-08-2011 called Aleksandras Stulginskis University) entered into Scientific Study Agreement No Ap-06-34/11 Tests of New Eco Fertilizers RASKILA-1 and RASKILA-2 Impact upon Winter Rye, Winter Wheat, Summer Barley and Summer Rapes Harvest and Quality under Lithuanian Agroclimate Conditions as well as to carry out field tests in order to explore opportunities of RASKILA use for agricultural plants. Under production conditions these fertilizers were tried in Akmene, Kelme, Birzai, Siauliai, Mazeikiai, Kaunas and Ukmerge district fields and greenhouses. Results of the first and second test stages are positive. RASKILA fertilizer increased winter wheat and rye harvest by 19-32 per cent. It significantly improved grain quality indicators: protein, starch, gluten, sedimentation, fall number etc. Summer barley and rape grain harvest grew up by 22-29 per cent. Protein, starch, fat indicators improved. The research is continued.

What led to all these positive RASKILA results? The following:

  1. The use of high-quality raw materials.
  2. Strict control of the producing process.
  3. The unique fertilizer production technology, including pasteurization and aging.
  4. Balanced, not oversaturated fertilizer composition.
  5. 5.       Fertilizer use technology and, most importantly, fertilizer action principle.

After reconstitution of the concentrate, valuable physiologically active fertilizer is gotten. Such physiologically active fertilizers are rapidly absorbed by the plants.  It helps to absorb nutrients, pesticides – insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. This activates the effect of fertilizers on plants and soil. Thus, fewer chemicals are needed, more money is saved up and there is no pollution to nature.

Agrochemical researches and tests were carried out by:

Lithuanian Agricultural University’s Agroecology Centre, field tests, Lithuania

Scientific research center EUROFINS, agrochemical and field tests, Germany

Certified Institute of Public Health in Ostrava, chemical research, Czech Republic

Lithuanian agriculture and forestry science center, agrochemical research laboratory, Lithuania

In 2011 Public Establishment Ekoagros attested fertilizer “Raskila” for use in eco agricultural farms.